Revolutionising the printing landscape

Landscape printing technology helps realise a space-saving design.

Traditional inkjet MFC have a deep depth as they rely on portrait style printing. But as the new Brother MFC utilises landscape printing technology, its depth is shallower - giving it the smallest Brother Inkjet MFC footprint.

In addition, despite being Brother's most compact inkjet MFC to date, it prints up to A3 size.

Greater Efficiency with fastest speed in its class

Rapid print speeds let you do more and wait less.

The MFC clocks impressive print speeds of up to 20 monochrome and 18 colour pages per minute* while maintaining high print quality, thanks to a newly designed, larger print head with 1680 nozzles.

*Based on ISO/IEC 24734. For more information, please refer to

Delivering more prints at lower cost

Print more for less with optional super high-yield ink cartridges.

The MFC doesn't just help you save time and space but money as well. With the options of Brother's affordable InkBenefit high-yield and super high-yield ink cartridges (that prints approximately 600 pages and 1200 pages respectively), you can print more for less.