Q: Why should I print in colour when full-colour printouts are more expensive as compared to monochrome printouts?
Q: There are more than 30 different colour laser printers and MFCs currently in the market from various competing brands. Why should I choose Brother colour laser printers?
Q: Are Brother colour laser printers fully compatible with Windows Vista™?
Q: What is the difference between all the supported drivers? Which driver should I install?
Q If I wish to expand the printer’s memory, what type and brand of memory can I add? Do I have to buy it from Brother?
Colour Printing
Q: Is the colour print quality of Brother colour laser printers Pantone certified?
Q: Can I still print if one of the colour cartridges runs out of toner? Can I still do monochrome printing if the black toner runs out?
Q: How do I adjust colour registration?
Q: What is the most number of users that can share one network printer?
Q: How do I configure the initial static network settings?
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