Embroidery Business Profit simulator Ver1.01    
Fill in the blank with the appropriate number.
Then, click [View graph] and check profit simulation.
Basic input item
  Material cost    
  Average thread cost per garment Php  
  Average cost for garment Php  
  Total material cost per garment Php  
  Labor cost    
  Total labor cost per year Php  
  Total weeks per year weeks  
  Working days per week days  
  Working hours per day hours  
  Labor cost per week Php  
  Labor cost per hour Php  
  Percentage per hour embroidering time
(job switching, idle)
  Average embroidery time per garment minutes  
  Number of garments embroidered per hour  
  Total labor cost per garment Php  
  Maintenance fee or other expenses per year Php  
  Expenses per garment Php  
  Initial investment    
  PR series cost Php  
  Depreciation (5 years) Php  
Total material, labor cost and expenses per garment
Garment selling price to your customer
Percentage mark-up per garment
Profit per garment
Required number of embroidery for break-even
Expected average daily production (garments)
Profit simulation

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