What may happen when you mismatch your printer and its supplies

Smears & clogs

Faded prints

Product damage

Voided warranty

Types of mismatched supplies

Counterfeit Inks or Toners

Counterfeit supplies are often advertised as a cheaper option, and may look like genuine Brother inks and toners. However, these supplies may be poorly manufactured and may result in inferior printouts or even damage your printer.

Compatible Inks or Toners

Compatible supplies are made by other companies and can work with printers from various manufacturers. These supplies may not fit well in the printer and this may result in poor print quality.

Now meet the perfect match.

Manufactured to the highest standards, genuine Brother supplies ensure optimised performance and component protection so you can enjoy greater peace of mind.

Hardware Protection

Brother supplies are developed in conjunction with hardware to maximise printer productivity. Extensive testing is conducted to ensure optimum performance and hardware protection.

Trouble-free Printing

Brother genuine ink (Innobella™) and Brother’s Chemically Produced Toner (CPT) are specially formulated with anti-clogging qualities, ensuring that you achieve smooth and consistent printouts.

Warranty Assured

Warranties may not cover damages or malfunctions arising from the usage of non-genuine supplies. Subsequent component replacements or repairs may be costly.

Professional Print Quality

Brother genuine supplies are engineered to match each printer perfectly. Enjoy crisp black text and true-to-life coloured images.

Long-lasting Prints

Keep documents for longer periods. Innobella™ Inks are fade-resistant and allows your prints to last longer.

ISO Standards

Reliable and good quality supplies that meet international industry standards.

3 ways to identify genuine supplies

Authenticate by matching hologram characteristics

Check for authentication dots and numbers:

  • Tilt to the back
    (1 dot)

  • Tilt to the front
    (2 dots)

  • Tilt to the right
    (3 dots)

  • Tilt to the left
    (4 dots)

Check for multi-angle text:

  • Rotate Right

  • Rotate Left

Authenticate by checking the ID number on the label

Head over to the Brother Authentication Website to check using the ID number on the label.

Authenticate by using a data matrix app

Download the data matrix app on your mobile to check that you have purchased genuine Brother supplies.

  • App Store
  • Google Play
  • BlackBerry World
  • Windows Phone

Find out what supplies best fit your machine

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Brother delivers products and services to customers all over the world.


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