Floor Plans / Diagrams / Drawings

See your layout plans the way they are meant to be shown - All in a single page. You can fit your full interior floor plan on one A3 sheet and gain a sense of detail not possible with smaller formats.

Posters & Signages

Make an impact when you double the size of your promotional posters. Draw attention with bigger, bolder graphics and fonts that customers can read from a distance to make your message stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Collaterals

Create marketing brochures, flyers and newsletters in A3 size with more space to convey key messages. Demonstrate product and service capabilities with full-page images and present your business at its best.

Mindmaps & Flow Charts

Draw bigger and capture essential insights and knowledge that are critical to your business on a single A3 colour page. You’ll literally see the bigger picture. Scan and email them to your colleagues to unleash the team’s ideas in a more impactful way.

Financial Charts & Spreadsheets

Present your financial data in an uncluttered and easy-to-read format. Allow users to focus on the content and not the small font sizes. Tables, charts and spreadsheets can finally fit onto one page for quick and easy comparison.

Presentation Boards &
Business Proposals

Add a professional touch to your presentations and pitches with large-format, full-colour presentation boards. Engage your audience with strong visuals and clearer mock ups to convey your ideas precisely.


Customise your menu daily or tantalise your customers’ taste buds with today’s special. Help them decide on what to go for with attention-grabbing images and compelling calls to action messages.

Planner & Task List

Grasp the full scope of the task at hand and simplify your project management with A3 planners, calendars and task lists. Schedule and delegate with ease as you see the entire picture and gain clarity on what needs to be done, by whom, and when.

Tiling Posters

Connect multiple A3 pages to maximise your impact and reach an even bigger audience. Whether you use four, six or nine sheets to create your tiled poster, the message is sure to reach its target in bolder style.

Photographs & Images

Do justice to your photographs and impress clients with full-colour A3 prints. Whether its product shots, building a portfolio or creating a presentation, your pictures come to life with Brother’s True2life® printing technology.

  Professional printing with the World's First A3 all-in-one MFC-6890CDW. This A3 Inkjet MFC double your impact in your printing, scanning, copying & faxing when comes to creating your impressive collaterals & business documents onto a wide range of sizes, from 4" x 6" photo all the way up to A3. With the Interactive 4.2" Touchscreen LCD, easily view, select and shoot for your photo prints with it next to you.  
  Print, fax, copy and scan up to A3 and enjoy the freedom of wireless network connectivity with the Professional Series MFC-6490CW. The wide 3.3” colour LCD allows easy preview of faxes. You can also preview and edit the images without a PC. Achieve higher cost efficiency and print more with 4 separate high-yield ink cartridges.  

Print, copy and scan up to A3 with the Professional Series DCP-6690CW. With a touchscreen 4.2” colour LCD, embark on a truly user experience. The 4-in-1 DCP-6690CW enables work mobility with its wireless network connectivity and convenience with the 50-page Automatic Document Feeder (ADF). Comes bundled with 4 separate high-yield ink cartridges.

  Print up to A3-sized documents with the Professional Series MFC-5890CN. Preview your prints from a 3.3” colour LCD screen. Print, scan and PC Fax via your wired network with multiple users. Achieve higher cost efficiency and print more with 4 separate high-yield ink cartridges.  
  Find out more special offers on Brother printers and MFCs for your business, small office and home.  

  At double the size of a standard A4 page, A3 format gives you the flexibility to expand, enlarge and improve your printed content. And A3-sized pictures will capture the imagination at 8 times the size of a standard 4R photo print.  

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