Versatile scanning functions
Support for direct processing of scanned data.
  • DCP
  • MFC

Data storage

  1. Scan-to-USB memory*
    Saves scanned data in a USB memory
    The Scan-to-USB function enables scanned data to be readily transferred without starting the PC.

    *DCP-9040CN does not support this function.
  2. Scan-to-FTP
    Saves scanned data in FTP
    A large volume of scanned data can easily be transferred to a recipient with a limited email capacity.
  3. Scan to File
    Saves scanned data into a specified folder
    Saving scanned data into a selected folder eases information sharing.
  4. Scan to Email Server*
    Enables scanned data distribution by emailing directly from the machine
    Once the mail server address and account have been set up in the machine, data distribution is possible at any time. Also, scanning is performed in the same way as faxing, eliminating the need for installation of a driver in the PC.
    *Only MFC-9840CDW supports this function.
  • DCP
  • MFC

Data handling

  1. Scan-to-Image
    Enables editing of scanned data in desired application software
    Supported applications include Adobe Acrobat, PhotoShop, Paint, and more.
  2. Scan to OCR
    Loads scanned data with OCR.
    The automatically bundled OCR software converts image data into text data.
  3. Scan to Email
    Attaches scanned data to an email message
    Scanned data is attached to emailing software that is automatically started.
  • DCP
  • MFC
Auto duplex scanning
Scanning or copying two-sided originals used to be a painstaking task. Now, the ADF function enables auto two-sided scanning/copying to be carried out with just one action!
  • MFC

*Only MFC-9840CDW Support this function.

Auto two-sided printing
Remember when producing massive amounts of copies from a two-sided original used to be a mammoth task? Now, the ADF function makes auto two-sided copying possible with just one easy action.
  • MFC

*Only MFC-9840CDW support this function.

Efficient two-sided copying

Making ten color copies of duplex-printed documents is a real hassle. With our conventional printer, we have to turn pages inside out again and again and then replace the paper feed tray. In the first place, that's a tall order for our printer to do all these jobs.
A Brother multi-function printer has an auto two-sided copying function. This allows us to quickly produce color copies of a two-sided original simply by specifying the number of copies required. We are pleased with the fact that this function is useful when we are in a hurry and, more importantly, it makes it so easy for us to produce color copies.

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