New PT-E100VP

Create professional, durable, laminated labels for cables, faceplates, consumer units and other electrical and datacom installations.

Label SizesUser InterfacePrint Speed
Choose from 3.5, 6, 9, 12mm label width to suit your labelling needsEasy ABCD keyboard layout style with numeric pad allow for easy hand-held usageIncrease productivity and efficiency with a fast print speed of 20 mm/sec

The P–touch E100VP is a lightweight, handheld industrial labelling machine developed with easy-to-use functions for creating common label types quickly and easily. Complete with a practical carry case to hold the included AC adapter. There is also space for additional tape cassettes including strong-adhesive and flexible-ID tapes, which have been specially developed for use by electricians and other professionals.

Main Features

High Performance Labeller

Generate durable, printed office labels for file folders, file drawers and more in a second.

Cost Saving

Cost effectively produce professional employee name badge labels on demand. Virtually eliminate the costs associated with replacing permanent name badges.

High Quality Labels with Auto-Lamination

Ideal for a wide range of work environments from manufacturing ro retail, P-Touch laminated labels are designed to withstand moisture, extrame temperatures, UV rays, industrial chemicals and abrasion.

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