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New DCP-T500W

Desain Pintar, Tinta Hemat dengan Sistem Tanki Isi Ulang Yang Mampu Mencetak Hingga 6000 Halaman* #. Mengoptimalkan Produktifitas Kerja Dengan Kapasitas Nirkabel (WiFi).

#Mengacu Pada Tinta Hitam. Tinta Warna: 5000 halaman. Perkiraan Jumlah Halaman Sesuai Dengan Metodologi Asli Brother Menggunakan Pola Uji Coba ISO/IEC 24712.

Brother Earth

Brother Earth is about taking positive action for a better world. We aim to work together with you to take care of the planet we all share. Following are the Brother Earth features of this product.

Energy Saving Features


- Brother's Energy Star® qualified products help you conserve energy and reduce your electricity bills in your home and work environment.

Sleep Mode

- The sleep mode feature automatically reduces power consumption with the sleep mode feature that only powers up when you need to print.

Paper Saving Features

N in 1 Printing

- The N in 1 feature can help you save paper by letting you print or copy multiple pages onto one printed page.

Ink Saving

Ink Save mode

- Ink save mode detects the edges of your images and prints the outline of the image. Ink save mode settings are perfect for printing draft documents.

Fast/Draft printing mode

- Print quickly and use less ink for draft documents.

Resource Saving

Individual ink bottle

- Brother's 4-bottle refill tank system allows you to refill only the colour that runs out.

Compact size

- Fits well into small spaces and increases flexibility in placement for maximum convenience to users.



- Brother products are ROHS compliant. The use of hazardous materials, regulated by the RoHS EU Directive, are eliminated or are limited during production


- All manufacturing facilities of the Brother Group have an environmental management system that meets the standard of ISO14001

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