Protect Your Product

Protect Your Product

Why Choose Genuine Brother Consumables

Using Brother genuine consumables in Brother printers, Multi-Function Centres (MFCs) and faxes guarantees optimum performance. In the unlikely event of a print quality issue, our customer support team will endeavour to provide a solution. This means that we can provide higher levels of customer satisfaction and therefore offer total peace of mind.

Protect Your Product

Protect Your Product

Why Genuine Consumables?

We recommend that you only buy genuine Brother inks, toners, drums and photo papers for quality professional prints and peace of mind. All of our consumables are designed as part of an entire printing system and tested to ensure optimal performance and component protection.

Our extensive experience in the research and development of toner and ink technologies allows us to achieve specifically tailored ink and toner compositions that adhere to the delicate specifications and operational design requirements of your Brother product.

Brother consumables are manufactured to exacting, environmentally-friendly specifications. Brother worldwide is committed to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and by these controls we ensure that quality and reliability are built into every consumable and machine we manufacture.

More than performance… safeguard your investment

Given that non-genuine ink and toner manufacturers are not given the intricate details of the manufacturing process of Brother printers, MFCs and the Brother-specific technology behind these products, they are not able to ensure the consumables produced are suited for Brother machines.

For instance, problems may arise when non-genuine consumables are inserted into units that require a vacuum sealed, leak-free container holding a specifically formulated toner or ink. If such specifications are not met by the non-genuine consumable, ink is free to spill out into the machine, degrading the mechanisms and circuit boards.

The potential downstream effects and costs associated with using third party products may be substantial. Not only can you be inconvenienced and your printer or MFC suffer possibly irreversible damage, but the subsequent cost to repair or replace your machine may end up being borne by you, the consumer.

By using only genuine Brother consumables, you increase your machines’ lifespan, performance and save on potentially costly repairs.