New PT-9700PC

A tough labeller that lets you prints directly from your desktop with a wide variety of styles and formats.

Labelling Tapes

Consumable IDDescriptionType
HGE-211Black on White (6mm)Colour Tape
HGE-221Black on White (9mm)Colour Tape
HGE-231Black on White (12mm)Colour Tape
HGE-241Black on White (18mm)Colour Tape
HGE-251Black on White (24mm)Colour Tape
HGE-261Black on White (36mm)Colour Tape
TZE-111Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-121Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-131Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-132Red on ClearColour Tape
TZE-133Blue on ClearColour Tape
TZE-135White on ClearColour Tape
TZE-141Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-151Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-161Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-211Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-221Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-222Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-223Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-231Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-232Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-233Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-241Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-242Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-243Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-251Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-252Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-253Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-261Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-262Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-263Blue on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-315White on BlackColour Tape
TZE-325White on BlackColour Tape
TZE-334Gold on BlackColour Tape
TZE-335White on BlackColour Tape
TZE-344Gold on BlackColour Tape
TZE-345White on BlackColour Tape
TZE-354Gold on BlackColour Tape
TZE-355White on BlackColour Tape
TZE-421Black on RedColour Tape
TZE-431Black on RedColour Tape
TZE-435White on RedColour Tape
TZE-441Black on RedColour Tape
TZE-451Black on RedColour Tape
TZE-461Black on RedColour Tape
TZE-521Black on BlueColour Tape
TZE-531Black on BlueColour Tape
TZE-535White on BlueColour Tape
TZE-541Black on BlueColour Tape
TZE-551Black on BlueColour Tape
TZE-555White on BlueColour Tape
TZE-561Black on BlueColour Tape
TZE-611Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-621Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-631Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-641Black on Yellow100
TZE-651Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-661Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-721Black on GreenColour Tape
TZE-731Black on GreenColour Tape
TZE-741Black on GreenColour Tape
TZE-751Black on GreenColour Tape
TZE-B31Black on Flu. OrangeColour Tape
TZE-B51Black on Flu. OrangeColour Tape
TZE-C31Black on Flu. YellowColour Tape
TZE-C51Black on Flu. YellowColour Tape
TZE-FA3Blue on White Fabric TapeColour Tape
TZE-FX211Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX221Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX231Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX241Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX251Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX261Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX262Flexible Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX611Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-FX621Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-FX631Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-FX641Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-FX651Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-FX661Flexible Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-M31Black on Clear MatteColour Tape
TZE-M931Black on SilverColour Tape
TZE-M941Black on SilverColour Tape
TZE-M951Black on SilverColour Tape
TZE-M961Black on SilverColour Tape
TZE-N201Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZE-N221Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZE-N231Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZE-N241Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZE-N251Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZE-N641TZ-Tape Black on White, 18MM Non-laminatedColour Tape
TZE-S121Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-S131Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-S141Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-S151Strong Adhesive Black on Clear Colour Tape
TZE-S211Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-S221Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-S231Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-S241Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-S251Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-S261Strong Adhesive Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-S621Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-S631Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-S641Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-S651Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-S661Strong Adhesive Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-SE4Security TapeColour Tape
TZE-122Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-123Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-152Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-153Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-155Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-455Black on RedColour Tape
TZE-324White on BlackColour Tape
TZE-511Black on BlueColour Tape
TZE-635Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-655Black on YellowColour Tape
TZE-735Black on GreenColour Tape
TZE-755Black on GreenColour Tape
TZE-D31Black on Flu. YellowColour Tape
TZE-D51Black on Flu. YellowColour Tape
TZE-FX111Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX121Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX131Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX141Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX151Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-FX161Flexible Black on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-M21Black on Clear MatteColour Tape
TZE-M51Black on Clear MatteColour Tape
TZE-125White on ClearColour Tape
TZE-143Blue on ClearColour Tape
TZE-164Gold on ClearColour Tape
TZE-364Gold on BlackColour Tape
TZE-365White on BlackColour Tape
TZE-761Black on GreenColour Tape
TZE-FX242Flexible Red on WhiteColour Tape
TZE-N211Non-Laminated Black/WhiteColour Tape
TZE-S111Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-S161Strong Adhesive Black on ClearColour Tape
TZE-S611Strong Adhesive Black on Yellow
TZ-CL3Cleaning Tape - 12MMMiscellaneous / Others
TZ-CL4Cleaning Tape - 18MMMiscellaneous / Others
TZ-CL6Cleaning Tape 36mmMiscellaneous / Others
TZ-N232Non-Laminated Red/WhiteMiscellaneous / Others
TZ-N233Non-Laminated Blue/WhiteMiscellaneous / Others

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