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Consumable IDDescriptionType
DR-150CLDrum Kit (17,000 pages) (Standard)Drums
BU-100CLBelt Unit (50,000 pages) (Standard)Toners
TN-150BKStandard Toner Cartridge - Black (2,500 pages) (Standard)Toners
TN-150CStandard Toner Cartridge - Cyan (1,500 pages) (Standard)Toners
TN-150MStandard Toner Cartridge - Magenta (1,500 pages) (Standard)Toners
TN-150YStandard Toner Cartridge - Yellow (1,500 pages) (Standard)Toners
TN-155BKHigh Yield Toner Cartridge - Black (5,000 pages) (High Yield)Toners
TN-155CHigh Yield Toner Cartridge - Cyan (4,000 pages) (High Yield)Toners
TN-155MHigh Yield Toner Cartridge - Magenta (4,000 pages) (High Yield)Toners
TN-155YHigh Yield Toner Cartridge - Yellow (4,000 pages) (High Yield)Toners
WT-100CLWaste Toner Box (20,000 pages) (Standard)Toners

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