Products Warranty Terms & Conditions


(1)  To be entitled to the Warranty (as defined below, and which Warranty is subject to the terms and conditions set out herein), the customer must have and shall do as follows:

(i)    MUST have registered with Brother International (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (“Brother”) the Warranty in the manner and within the time period stipulated on or in the packaging of the product (“Product”) provided that:

(a)   Where Brother permits the Warranty to be registered on-line (“On-line Cases”) the Warranty is registered only upon the customer receiving Brother’s confirmation email that expressly (i) states that the Warranty is successfully registered and sets out the customer’s Warranty ‘Registration Number’, and (ii) reconfirms the Product’s model and serial numbers and the customer’s email address (“Brother’s Final Email”). Non-receipt by the customer of Brother’s Final Email means that the Warranty is not registered.

(b)  Where Brother permits the Warranty to be registered by returning the Warranty certificate (that comes with the Product) to Brother by post or hand delivery (“Certificate Cases”), the Warranty is registered only upon Brother’s receipt of the said Warranty certificate that is fully and legibly completed and duly affixed with Brother’s or Brother’s authorised dealer’s (“AD”) official stamp (“Completed Certificate”).

(ii)   Notwithstanding that the Warranty has been registered with Brother, MUST whenever required by Brother (including but not limited to the time when the customer claims on the Warranty), produce to Brother, the Warranty’s ‘Registration Number’ assigned by Brother to the customer (for On-line Cases) or the Completed Certificate (for Certificate Cases), and proof of the date of purchase of the Product acceptable to Brother.

(2)  The warranty is against manufacturer’s defects (“Warranty”) only, and is for the period of 12/36months (depending on product model) commencing from the date the Product is purchased from Brother or Brother’s AD.

(3)  Brother’s only liability in respect of a manufacturer’s defect is limited to only rendering the Product to an operational condition as intended by its manufacturer’s specifications free of charge, by carrying out such repairs to the Product and/or replacing the Product or such component or part as Brother shall in Brother’s sole and absolute discretion think fit. For avoidance of doubt, save for the aforesaid repair and/or replacement, the customer has no other right or remedy whatsoever against Brother.

Any Product, component or part replaced shall automatically become Brother’s property.

(4)  The customer is solely responsible to deliver and transport the Product to Brother’s authorised service centres. Provided that if the Product (a) is one that Brother categorises as an ‘on-site’ Product, and (b) is situated within a 35km radius from any of Brother’s authorised service centres, Brother will despatch its technician to where the Product is situated. Extra mileage fee will be imposed to customer if location exceeds 35km radius.

(5)  Brother excludes all liability and responsibility to the customer for any and all cost, expense, loss and/or damage (including that arising from death or injury, loss of profit, data, goodwill or any other type of special, indirect, economic or consequential loss) (“Loss”) howsoever caused to or suffered by the customer (whether directly or indirectly, and whether arising in contract, tort or otherwise) arising from and/or incidental to the customer’s purchase of the Product, its use, Brother’s negligence and/or any delay in carrying out works (“Warranty Works”) pursuant to the Warranty, even if such Loss was reasonably foreseeable or Brother  had been notified of the possibility of the customer incurring or suffering such Loss.

(6)  Without prejudice to the above, all the following are also specifically excluded from the Warranty:

(a)   Damage, defects, malfunctioning and/or non-functioning of the “Power Supply Board” installed in or supplied with any Product.

(b)  Damage, dents, defacement, scratches, stains or marks however caused to the Product’s external covers/panels; batteries, cables, rubber parts, cutters, trays or print heads; and consumable items including ink, toner or tape cartridges, ribbons, refill substances, drums, daisy wheels and such like items (“Consumables”).

(c)   Damage, defects, malfunction or non-function to or in the Product howsoever arising from, caused by or incidental to (i) any electrical fluctuation or surges occurring and of whatever kind caused (including that caused by or emanating from any main power source, lightning or other adverse weather condition), (ii) any external cause (including accidents, fire, lightning, Act of God, exposure to water or moisture, or caused by insects, pests or vermin of whatever kind, or caused by or during any or any attempted burglary, theft and/or riot), and/or (iii) any corrosion, rust, staining or any other such like matters.

(d)  Any component or part in the Product that is worn out, unworkable or not functional by reason of wear and tear.

(7)  The following events are breaches on the part of the customer which entitles Brother (at Brother’s sole and absolute discretion) to immediately terminate the Warranty and treat the Warranty as null and void:

(a)   Any assignment, sale or transfer of the Product by the customer to any other party.

(b)  Any adjustment, modification, maintenance, service, repair or work of whatever kind carried out to the Product by any party that is not duly authorised by Brother.

(c)   Any usage, attachment, installation or connection to, in or with the Product, of any Consumables, accessory, software, hardware, equipment, part or programmes of whatever kind that are not original and genuine  products and/or that are not approved or recommended by Brother.

(d)  Any act, deed or thing done not in accordance with (i) the information or manual supplied with the Product, or (ii) Brother’s instructions or recommendations howsoever given and wherever contained.

(e)  Any abuse (including rough handling/transportation), negligent act or use, misuse or tampering of the Product, or any incorrect or wrongful management, operation, use, maintenance or servicing of the Product (including failure or neglect to maintain the correct environmental conditions such as air quality, humidity or temperature, or failure to maintain the correct and proper inspection, maintenance and service schedules recommended for the Product).

(f)    Any damage or tampering of the serial number on the Product, or any alteration to the Completed Certificate, Warranty’s ‘Registration Number’ or Product’s proof of purchase.

(g)  Any failure by the customer to provide Brother with reasonable assistance, information or particulars requested by Brother to carry out the Warranty Works.

For the avoidance of doubt, upon the termination of the Warranty by Brother, Brother is not howsoever obliged, liable or responsible to carry out any Warranty Works.

(8)  The Warranty is only valid in Malaysia and is subject to the laws of Malaysia.

***End**                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Revised  August 2010