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Balanced Deployment

Balanced Deployment

Balanced Deployment aims to bring Printing and Imaging Technology within reach of everyone within your organization, so that resources are utilized based on needs, and wastage reduced. By achieving a balanced mix of large departmental devices and smaller dedicated machines, the general office environment will function more efficiently. This maximizes productivity and reduces cost associated with support, consumables and maintenance of hardware.

Based on a previously published IDC white paper on Balanced Deployment, an average savings of 23% was reported from the application of this approach. These savings comprised the following:

  • 40% from reduced IT support
  • 25% from reduced cost on consumables
  • 20% from reduced costs on hardware repair
  • 10% from reduced costs on installation
  • 5% from reduced costs on hardware devices

Brother’s consultants will undertake an exercise with you to review your current print and imaging configurations, and identify the needs of each department to assess whether productivity is being maximized by the existing structure.

If not, recommendations to the types of machines deployed, where they are placed, who can access them, where bottlenecks occur and the cost-savings achieved from implementing a new model, will be presented to see if the organization’s system is a truly optimized one.

Typically a Balanced Deployment study will locate areas of significant improvement such as:

  • Direct Hardware Cost Savings
  • Lower IT Support and Maintenance Costs
  • Improved Employee Productivity Through Increased Device Uptimes and Improved Process Workflows

Brother can initiate the analysis of your existing layout with minimal disruption to your business and present a more workable and cost-effective print and imaging model.

Work against wastage at an organizational level and start optimizing your cost efficiencies with Brother’s Balanced Deployment at your side.

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