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Protect Your Product

Why Choose Genuine Brother Consumables

Using Brother genuine consumables in Brother printers, Multi-Function Centres (MFCs) and faxes guarantee quality professional prints and peace of mind.

All of our consumables are designed as part of an entire printing system and tested to ensure optimal performance and component protection. Our extensive experience in the research and development of toner and ink technologies allow us to achieve specifically tailored ink and toner compositions that adhere to the delicate specifications and operational design requirements of your Brother product.

In the unlikely event of a print quality issue, our customer support team will endeavour to provide a solution. This means that we can provide higher levels of customer satisfaction and therefore offer total peace of mind.

Non-genuine or third party toner may cause:

  • Damage the product.
  • Toner may leaked and create a mess.
  • Decrease in print volume.
  • Poor print quality.


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Trigger gear is broken

In the genuine toner, it contains polymerized toner particles that complements the toner container for a smoother operation. The non-genuine toner however contains grinded toner particles that cause the parts to wear off and eventually damaging the gear.

Genuine Toner


Non-Genuine Toner

Polymerized Toner (Equalized global)              Grinded Toner (Un-equalized global)

The characteristic of toner (amount of electrification, size of toner grain etc ) and print engine (control of print density) are unbalanced in low quality NON-GENUINE toner. Unnecessary toner particles may stick or print density is too high. This causes a decrease in the print volume as the toner consumption increases.





When refilling, if sealing is weak, there’s a risk that toner leakage may happen and create a mess. And shadings may appear on the paper when the toner leakage happens in the main body of the product.





Toner may leaked

When the characteristic of toner (amount of electrification, size of toner grain etc.) and print engine (control of toner transcript) are unbalanced, the amount of the toner from the drum to the paper may not be accurate and may causes inferior print quality.




* Above test results on low-quality non-genuine ink are based on Brother's internal examination standards and are subjected to test environment.