Multi-Function Centres



Wireless Professional Colour LED Multi-Functional Centre with High Paper Capacity and Double-sided Printing

Price : ฿19,990


Consumable IDDescriptionType
DR-261CLDrum: DR-261CL (Yield: 15,000pages)Drums
TN-261BKStandard: TN-261BK (Yield: 2,500pages) Toners
TN-261CStandard: TN-261C (Yield: 1,400pages) Toners
TN-261MStandard: TN-261M (Yield: 1,400pages) Toners
TN-261YStandard: TN-261Y (Yield: 1,400pages) Toners
TN-265CStandard: TN-265C (Yield: 2,200pages) Toners
TN-265MStandard: TN-265M (Yield: 2,200pages) Toners
TN-265YStandard: TN-265Y (Yield: 2,200pages) Toners

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