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Brother Earth

Brother Earth is about taking positive action for a better world. We aim to work together with you to take care of the planet we all share. Following are the Brother Earth features of this product.

Energy Saving Features


- Brother's Energy Star® qualified products help you conserve energy and reduce your electricity bills in your home and work environment. ENERGY STAR®Nhöõng saûn phaåm Brother ñöôïc chöùng nhaân ENERGY STAR® giuùp baûo toaøn naêng löôïng cho moâi tröôøng laøm vieäc.

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Sleep Mode

- The sleep mode feature automatically reduces power consumption with the sleep mode feature that only powers up when you need to print.

Deep Sleep Mode

- New power saving mode consumes less energy when not in use.

Paper Saving Features

Auto Duplex Printing

- Reduce paper usage and costs by printing on two sides of the paper.

N in 1 Printing

- The N in 1 feature can help you save paper by letting you print multiple pages onto one page.

PC-FAX Send and Receive

- Eliminate printing by sending and receiving of faxes on your computer (PC Fax Receive function applies to PC users). PC FaxTính năng PC fax cho phép bạn gửi fax trực tiếp từ máy vi tính.

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Toner Saving Features

Toner Save Mode

- Toner Save Mode allows you to reduce printing costs due to lower toner usage when printing draft-quality documents.

Resource Saving Features

Separate Drum and Toner

- Brother’s separate toner & drum system allows you to continue using the drum for a few toner cycles so you not only save cost, but also the environment with reduced wastage.

High Yield Toner Option

- Helps reduce the environmental impact of your printing by reducing the amount of toner cartridges used overall.

Paint Free Body Design

- Brother products have removed or reduced the use of paint to improve plastic recyclability.

Compact Size

- Fits well into small spaces and increases flexibility in placement for maximum convenience to users.


RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive) Compliant

- Brother products are ROHS compliant. The use of hazardous materials, regulated by the RoHS EU Directive, are eliminated or are limited during production. RoHSSaûn phaåm Brother tuaân thuû chæ daãn RoHS. Theo Chæ daãn RoHS Chaâu AÂu, khoâng söû duïng vaät lieäu nguy haïi ñeå baûo veä moâi tröôøng.

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- All manufacturing facilities of the Brother Group have an environmental management system that meets the standard of ISO14001. ISO14001Taát caû cô sôû vaät chaát cuûa taäp ñoaøn Brother ñeàu coù moät heä thoáng quaûn lyù moâi tröôøng ñöôïc chöùng nhaän ISO14001

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